Have you ever wondered why is Marrakech one of the best cities to visit in Morocco and even worldwide?

Well, we think that it is in part thanks to its proximity to the High Atlas Mountains range, home of Toubkal: North Africa’s highest summit.

As soon as we set foot in Marrakech following our most recent project in the city, we were dazzled by the beauty of the mountains views visible from the city center. We immediately decided that we were to climb mount Toubkal as soon as possible. Six months later, all our employees were invited to join the trip and all the fees were paid for the startup.

Day 1: 20/08/2021 @ 9am in Imlil, altitude: 1700 meters

We drove approximately 1.5 hours to reach Imlil from Marrakech. Imlil is the village from which the mountain’s ascent begins. We found everything we needed in Imlil, hiking gear for rent, food, water, supplies, guides, etc. We left our cars in Imlil and hit the road to north Africa’s summit at around noon to reach the Mouflons refuge after hiking 14.5 km, gaining 1509 meters of altitude in a little more than 4 hours.

Our philosophy at Insight Solutions

We do our work with mastery and we love to enjoy ourselves to the fullest…

Keep it up team !